Act for Cuxton Together

People before Party


Promoted by Kay Hutchfield,

22 Station Road, Cuxton, ME2 1AB

on behalf of Act for Cuxton Together

Act for Cuxton Together

People before Party

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ACT for Cuxton Together...

  • are committed to making a difference by listening to residents not just our friends;

  • believe Party Politics has no place in decision making at Parish Council level;

  • believe councillors should be allowed to vote for what they believe is best for Cuxton, and not be expected to vote in line with what ‘the party’ dictates;

  • believe that a Parish Council makes better decisions when differing opinions are voiced in respectful and vigorous debate;

  • members are actively involved in at least 6 volunteering/community groups in Cuxton, so already contributing to the Cuxton community and environment.

  • members are leaders in local events such as the Cuxton Big Lunch;

  • will seek grants, wherever possible, to support the ambitions of residents and not ask residents to foot the whole bill for developments that will benefit the community. (Members of ACT have a record of successful grant applications since 2012/3);

  • welcome help from the residents to ensure that changes are based on consultation with residents and sit within a coordinated plan;

  • acknowledges the importance of ALL members of our community.